Converting Fans To Supporters

Ever wondered how do they have so many followers?

I have been posting for a month now and do not see the traction that others are seeing?

I really want to start selling on TikTok but my followers are not growing!

– new to TikTok
Millenials and social media

Try this trick. It actually works. Think of it as making new friends in the playground. Remember when we were younger, I am a millennial, so we actually played outside all day and only came in to take a shower, eat and then bedtime. We did not have screen time, ipads, iphones, Netflix, Amazon Prime, any way I digress…

Lets get back on track.

Making friends in the playground. It was easy. A greeting. Join in the game and play along. Next there are sounds of giggles and laughs. It is the same everywhere. There is that sense of belonging. Same interests. Similar tendancies. The I get her moment.

Imagine how you can replecate this on social media.

Define what you align with. What makes you smile. What is your passion. What makes you happen. What makes you laugh.


When I say large I mean super duper large. Creators that have built loyal followers. Don’t just copy them. Join in the fun. Show your personality.

Why should your duet do well too?

By Dueting /Remixing a large creator you are putting your work in the eyeballs of their followers, their ride or dies. And if you make the grade they will give you a pass. Literally! In every sense of the word. That includes any combination of the following:

  • like
  • following
  • share
  • comment

This is turn triggers the algorithm to notice your video and inturn will push it out to new audiences.

It is the most global push I have ever seen organically. Today this video has a global reach that includes: America, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Iraq, Australia and New Zealand. With over four hundred thousand views within 24 hours (at the time I write this blog post). Not bad for a micro creator with an intimate following of 5,000.

This technique I used to propel my views is called borrowing other peoples audiences. The key once you do that and to know you have succeeded is to convert them into followers and then continue to feed them with similar content that brought them to your page and nurture them into raving supports.

Let me know if this article helped. Slide into my DMs and let me know what you have implemented with your account.

Until next time.


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